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Exclamation Point IconSKAI7VKJGB Error "Operation not currently implemented" occurs with Notes URL when using @URLOpen. This regression was introduced in 8.0.2...
THSE7LPST5Windows 7: When using a Large Font, the Workspace icon could have a black line on top or a grainy look. A crash could also occur depending on where...
SLAE7WVKQMMac OS X 10.6: Snow Leopard can't process 1 bit mask bmp image correctly. With this change, images will be converted to 8 bit when packaging...
SLAE7X2UHLMac OS X 10.6.2: Fixed a problem where calendar entry date and time fields were clipping data when in edit mode.
QJSU7W464YFixed a Notes client crash when using 8.5FP1. This fix was included in SPR# BHUY7VYJK7.
MLAT7W8M6ACrash during the restore of an autosaved document. The error message "Original document has been modified since the last autosave. Do you want to...
MLAT7TGLYNThis fix allows Notes standard to shut down cleanly when windows is shut down/ logged off. There are some known problems when replication at exit is...
HKAI7UW6YDWhen using a time zone other than GMT and importing data from a 1-2-3 worksheet into a form that contains a date/time field, the time zone was set to...
PALT5N5SE7If a view setting is changed via View-Customization, the changes will not stay if Shift-F9 is used to rebuild the view. With this fix, view...
YHNN7VAN6PFixed an intermittent problem where preview would not work after scrolling quickly. This regression was introduced in 8.0.2.
LTIU7XGJ6NThe Ctrl+Alt+S keybinding that brings focus to the sidebar has been removed so it will no longer conflict with the Alt Gr+S used in some locale...
ADC7WBPYPFixed a non-reproducable Notes crash with error "Unknown Error" when painting bitmaps with an illegal color value.
CTOI7W7JD9After upgrading, Notes would sometimes crash after entering a password.
JCON6LCKLQPrior to this fix, a MailTo HTML action that launched a mail memo would not pass the body contents of a new message. This regression was introduced...
DCOY7XP2NAMultiple NLNOTES processes were launched at startup and NEMCheckPreviousInstances were causing the client to shutdown. Fix for ntaskldr to exit if...
JSTN7W6TRZFixed an occasional crash in dynconfig, client policy enforcement.
BJGY7XXMTGFixed a crash which occurred when using an R6 mail template and clicking on multiple mail messages in the preview pane in the 8.5.1 client. A...
RAGG7RCNVXFixed a Notes client crash on shutdown.
SCHI7ZPGPCA search with search history disabled no longer generates an error message. The error message that was displayed was "Searching application has...


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